Last weekend a friend drove a couple of us across to Whitstable for a day trip out of London. I love being by the coast – it’s one of my favourite places to be as I find it so calming in comparison to my everyday life in central London. It’s a shame that I can’t bring myself to commute in everyday from somewhere like Brighton. Maybe in the future.

Although I didn’t have much time to explore a lot of the area away from the beach (we spent a good couple of hours eating at The Whitstable Oyster Company), I get the impression that it’s quite a small traditional fishing town which makes it lovely for a quiet, relaxing day out. I’ve also been told it’s well known for their oysters, but having never been that keen on trying them previously, I gave them a miss again for this visit.

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 02

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 03

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 04

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 05

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 06

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 07

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 08

Kimberley Chan - Whitstable 09

The Colour Run


I’ve never been much of a runner. I did push myself one year to do the 10k Race For Life, that I finished and lived to tell the tale, but I haven’t run since, making it just over two years ago.

Despite this lack of fitness discipline, I took part in The Colour Run today at the Queen Elizabeth Park which turned out to be a lot of fun! It’s an un-timed 5k run where everyone sets off in white, then at each kilometre you run through colour stations where some very cheerful volunteers get the pleasure of hurling cups of bright coloured powder at you.

Different stations had different vibes, yellow was pretty gentle, but when running through blue I got a big hit on the side of my face as I went past. Note – the powder will get in your mouth and will make your teeth whatever colour you happened to inhale. In my case, blue.