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Back in August, I decided that Will and I should splash out on a nice meal out at The Clove Club because it was a celebration, anniversary, any form of special occasion, I’d heard some great things about it and really wanted to go, cuing one of the most unintentionally extravagant nights out I’ve had since moving to London.

5 course menu, yes. Great bottle of wine, of course. After drink cocktails in the local hipster hotel? Sure.

It’s given me a taste of what it must be like to live like a cast member of Made in Chelsea but without the pretentiousness. Don’t make me leave this lifestyle, I can’t go back.

Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014

What an experience! Glastonbury is one of those things that everyone seems to rave about as others listen on with sceptical ears as their eyes roll about.

As someone that had never ever camped before, Glastonbury was probably an intense choice to experience what the great outdoors had to offer. I’ll be honest and admit that for the first few days the thought of leaving to go back to my home comforts grew ever more appealing, especially when it started pouring down with rain after one day of sunshine and whilst attempting to sleep in a tent that was pitched on a steep hill with little success.

But as I gradually got used to the wet weather, the huge amount of walking and the toilets, I felt less like a grumpy sod and absolutely loved it.

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Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 kimberley-chan_141101_glastonbury_05 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014 Glastonbury 2014